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Emergency Response – High Volume Water Management

GrayMar Environmental emergency response services team was called out to immediately address a massive volume of water that had overtaken an extremely active commercial business thus having a negative economic impact to the business by debilitating their ability to perform their primary operations. GrayMar Environmental quickly remedied the situation by diverting and pumping over 1.5 million gallons of floodwater from the customer’s property.  Depths of the flood water ranged from 1’-3’ throughout some high traffic and sensitive areas of the property.  In addition, with the water rising and temperatures dropping the site became dangerous for the customer to continue their day-to-day operations. GrayMar developed a pumping system to safely and expeditiously discharge large volumes of water away compliance.  The system eliminated downtime normally associated with truck hauling while greatly minimizing total labor costs. GrayMar Environmental’s engineered pump system proved to be so efficient that the project was completed in half the time of previous contractors. GrayMar’s team set up pumps at designated manholes and pumped the water to a central location allowing the floodwaters to rapidly drop. The fast action taken by GrayMar prevented the customer from incurring property and equipment damage as well as allowing the customer to continue productive operations without disruption.

Due to overwhelming response and participation, all July and October appointments are now booked. We anticipate new vouchers to be distributed in 2022!

We thank the community’s participation in making this Household Hazardous Program a tremendous success!