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Projects: Waste Transportation and Disposal

Project:           Hazardous Waste Transportantion, Contaminated Soil and Debris Landfill Relocation

Location:       Pasco, WA

Description:  Project required design of a loading ramp at the Tri Cities rail site to facilitate removal of 2,4-D pesticides and other highly contaminated soil from the Pasco Landfill. Project responsibilities included hazardous waste transportation via intermediate flexible sacks, truck transportation, and unloading, railcar lining, loading, tarping, shipping, and tracking including manifesting, air monitoring, dust suppression, and hazardous waste disposal.

Project:              P047 Hazardous Waste Disposal and Contaminated Soil Removal

Location:       South Carolina

Description:  Project entailed the management of over 6,000 tons of PO47 hazardous waste and contaminated soil. The contaminated soil presented a unique hazardous waste transportation challenge since the requirements for a PGII bulk acutely hazardous material had a maximum intermediate shipping capacity of 106 cu ft.   Due to innovative efforts, this project introduced, for the first time, the largest single intermediate flexible sack rated to handle such material. The flexible sack was developed, tested and DOT approved to meet the required regulatory specifications. In addition, the modified loading frame was developed to insure maximum loading capacity. The loading frame design is still being utilized today.

Project:           CERCLA Closure/Remedial Action

Location:       South Carolina

Description:  Developed and prepared the technical and business proposals for this complex phase one project. The project implementation involved the excavation of approximately 17,000 tons of heavy metal contaminated soil and its shipment to a Subtitle C landfill.  The complexities involved an extremely tight tolerance of less than 3 inches on a 72-unit grid section excavation over 1.9 acres of surface area.  Upon completion the tolerances were within 100% compliance with the excavation specifications.

Project:           CERCLA Closure at High Profile Chemical Company

Location:       Georgia

Description:  This high profile project dealt with a site that was contaminated with a variety of pesticides and debris ranging in total pesticide concentrations from less than 50 mg/kg to more than 27,000 mg/kg within an old landfill area. Two-thirds of the excavation area fell in an irregular field and one-third within a wet weather swamp. The primary contaminants identified during the initial investigations of the site were BHC isomers, toxaphene, endrin, aldehyde, methoxychlor, DDT, plus a host of others. Approximately 8,155 tons of pesticide contaminated soils were removed from the excavation area with no disruptions to the client.  The project involved separation of materials going to three separate disposal outlets (one of them being in Canada). Over 370 truckloads of materials were manifested and removed. Soil testing verified that the project has removed contamination below background levels. Backfill and compaction of the excavated area were included as the final phase of the project.


Project:           Waste Removal at Active Rail Site.

Location:       Queens, NY

Description:  Loading, transportation, and disposal/recycling of a multitude of waste types consisting of 14,000 tons of soil/ballast, ~ 1500 CY of concrete, ~ 400 tons of creosote impacted wood piling, and ~ 750 tons of construction debris.  Site activities also included air monitoring, dust control, traffic control.

Project:           PCB Contaminated Soil Transportation and Disposal

Location:       Gardena, CA

Description:  Project activities included the excavation, loading, transportation and disposal of approximately 90,000 tons of PCB impacted soil. All material was transported to and disposed at a Subtitle C landfill and/or TSCA approved incinerator based on characterization and disposition.

Project: Multiple Facility Bulk Regulated Process Wastewater Transportation and Disposal

Location: Washington State

Description:  GrayMar provides sampling, profiling, manifesting along with transportation and disposal of regulated bulk process wastewater for a host of facilities located in the Pacific Northwest.

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