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Project:         Caustic Tank Cleaning Project

 Location:      San Joaquin County

Description:  High profile chemical manufacturer contracted with GrayMar Environmental to prepare their 10’x 10’ x 2.5’ above ground caustic tank for an expedited API inspection.   In order to properly clean the tank it was necessary to make a full entry.  GrayMar Environmental followed its’ stringent confined space entry protocols and prepared the tank for entry.  Prior to making full entry, our experienced operators commenced washing solids from the top of the tank to prevent any overhead hazards. Remaining outside the tank, all liquids were pumped out using a chemical AODD with screen to prevent solids from reentering the back into the process. Using this method, we were able to salvage a high volume of good reusable product. This resulted into a significant cost savings for the client by reducing future chemical costs and final transportation and disposal fees. GrayMar Environmental also utilized a non-toxic natural product to neutralize the caustic material. This practice is consistent with GrayMar Environmental’s commitment to sustainability and protection of the environment.  Using a cost-effective natural remedy is a much safer practice for personnel involved in entering the tank during the cleaning/decontamination process. In addition, it less harsh on tank interior surfaces and better for the environment. This client is located in the San Joaquin County which is one of if not the most stringent county in California when it comes to hazardous waste operations and clean ups.  We successfully accomplished the caustic tank cleaning on-time and less than anticipated cost proposal which resulted in additional savings for the client.

Project: Robotic Tank Cleaning System

Location: Hanford, Washington

Description: Design and build a series of robotic hydraulic tank washing systems to clean tanks impacted with mixed radioactive and miscellaneous hazardous waste. The single shell tanks varied in capacity up to 75 foot in diameter with 45 foot depths.  The robotic arm was designed to be placed into a smaller diameter risers with the capability of fully opening via hydraulic activation once placed inside the tank. The hydraulic activation fluid chosen was mineral oil to minimize impact in the unlikely event of a potential line failure. The arms were designed to be controlled remotely with the capability of swiveling 360 degrees to improve cleaning reach and range. These systems are still being effectively utilized to clean a broad range of impacted tanks at the facility.   

Project: Sulfuric Acid Decontamination

Location: Oregon

Description: GrayMar Environmental was contracted to clean and decontaminate valves leaking Sulfuric acid. Our experienced operators donned level C PPE and applied neutralizer to the spilled contents located within a 10’ diameter area.  The entire project was performed within a clean room environment under specific protocols and procedures.

Project: Petroleum Tank Cleaning

Location: Oregon

Description: High profile petroleum product supplier hired GrayMar Environmental to clean four 25,000 gallon petroleum tanks for an upcoming API inspection. GrayMar Environmental initiated hot work permit protocols and removed all contents in a manner to maximize the return of reusable product.  The remaining residual was cleaned using conventional means along with an environmentally friendly non-toxic safe solvent. 

Project: Vault Cleaning Services

Location: Washington State 

Description: Manufacturing facility required that an alarm notification system be installed in their secondary tank containment system. GrayMar Environmental cleaned out all of the containment systems and tanks using conventional pressure washing and vacuum methods.  Once the contents were removed and the surfaces were properly prepared, GrayMar Environmental designed and installed the tank leaking moisture sensors with auto alarms for proper future notifications.  

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