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Soil Remediation and Its Impact on the Environment

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With the threat of climate change and global warming, people are developing awareness and stewardship of the environment. 

There are remediation solutions funded both by the private sector and the government to aid efforts in mitigating damages to the forests, marine life, and other ecosystems. 

One of the many solutions developed by scientists and today’s technology is soil remediation. This is geared towards removing pollution from the very earth plants get their sustenance from.

Understanding How Soil Remediation Works

One of the negative impacts of industrialization is its pollution of our environment. Soil contamination occurs when chemical wastes are dumped in illegal areas, usually forests or plain fields. This causes the soil in the area to absorb the chemicals and damage the soil where no plants can grow.

Simple household chemicals affect the soil, such as toxic paints, pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metals. When disposed of improperly, this leads to soil contamination. Soil contamination diminishes the biodiversity of the area and affects the stability of the ecosystem of the organisms relying on the fertile soil.

Because of the contamination, the soil cannot bear the nutrients needed for plants to grow. One of the remediation solutions available, soil remediation, can counter this. It aims to revitalize the soil by removing contaminants and harmful chemicals to return the soil to its natural state, promoting biodiversity activity and enabling the local ecosystem to flourish again.

Benefits of Soil Remediation for You and the Environment

For remediation solutions to be effective, careful planning and research must be done. There are a lot of considerations that must be reviewed, such as the timeline, expenses, logistics, execution, etc. It is a huge-scale project but a worthwhile one. Soil remediation can mitigate, return, and even improve the environment after centuries’ worth of damage done by human industrialization.

Isn’t it better to use human technology for something that benefits all inhabitants of the Earth? Improving our environment will also improve the quality of human life. Everyone participates in one ecosystem, and each of your actions affects other species as well. Many human diseases come from polluted lands and contaminated waters.

Aside from environmental improvement, soil remediation also reduces the damages incurred by factories. Instead of paying fines for environmental violations and mishandling chemical wastes, you can instead spend on methods that lessen costs while promoting your company’s image. Investing in environmental restorations such as this also improves your immediate surroundings.

Some Soil Remediation Methods Available to You

Several soil remediation methods are available depending on severity, kind of environmental damage, and budget. One of them is bioremediation. It involves the use of specific living microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the degradation of the soil. Though this is the least expensive out of the three options, the treatment may take months or years.

Another method is soil washing, which involves chemical or physical separation methods, usually by extracting or dissolving the pollutants into liquid through a solution to separate the soil particles from the contaminants. This method does not destroy the contaminants but merely separates them. Additional treatment is needed in disposing of the contaminants.

On the other hand, thermal desorption is a process that uses heat to increase the contaminants’ volatility for easier separation from the soil. These contaminants are then vaporized as a disposal method. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of soil damage.

In Conclusion

With the rise of environmental awareness and stewardship, we are encouraged to participate and undergo environmental remediation and preservation methods before it is too late. Our scientists and researchers have developed numerous solutions to address environmental concerns.

Here at GrayMar Environmental Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on our integrity, work ethic, and experience in environmental management and solutions. We are a soil remediation company in Reno that offers environmental solutions and safe and cost-effective services. Avail of our services today!

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